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Cautions for Safe Use of Input Level Meter

According to the mathematical model of the pressure, density and level of the measured liquid, the input level gauge measures the pressure of the liquid level proportional to the depth of the liquid level through the level sensor, and converts it into standard signal output through the signal processing circuit, special gas-conducting cable, advanced technology sealing technology, reliable special amplification circuit and precise temperature compensation technology, so that it can be produced. The product has the characteristics of high precision, small volume and good anti-seepage performance. Long-term immersion in liquid works reliably and stably.

Cautions for safe use of input level gauge:

1. There is an isolation diaphragm in the pressure inlet of the transmitter. Do not touch it artificially with foreign bodies.

2. Care should be taken in handling and installing transmitters to avoid collision and affect the performance of the circuit.

3. Installation of input liquid level transmitter. Do not use conductors to lift heavy objects other than products.

4. Electrical connection should strictly follow the wiring method, wiring errors will cause damage to the amplifier circuit.

5. If you encounter problems in installation and use, please contact our company. When the product is abnormal, please do not open it for repair without authorization.

6. The conductor is a special waterproof conductor. Wear, puncture and scratch of the conductor should be avoided during installation and use. If the above problems exist in the field, the conductor should take protective measures. If such problems occur and cause failure, the manufacturer shall charge for the maintenance of the conductor.

7. The probe cleans up the silt regularly to avoid the blockage of the pressure inlet.

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