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Points for Attention in the Use of Glass Rotor Flowmeter

With the development of industry, the demand for data measurement and control has become larger. In the flow meter industry, there are also many demands. There are more kinds of flowmeters and larger caliber. Among them, the glass rotor flowmeter is a traditional flowmeter, but it has been developing all the time. With more kinds, the pressure and temperature resistance, installation methods and so on have changed. Glass rotor flowmeter has a scale tube and float, so reading is the most convenient and accurate, and it is the first choice of flowmeter. Generally speaking, the glass rotor flowmeter can be used normally from production to quality inspection to factory to installation. But in order to make better use of the flowmeter, it is necessary to operate and maintain the glass rotor flowmeter correctly in peacetime.

1. When the glass rotor flowmeter is used, the operator should pay attention to observe the changes of the parameters of the measured medium (including pressure, temperature, flow rate and viscosity) to see if they are within the scope of the flowmeter.

2. Check and maintain the measurement system regularly.

Examination items include flowmeters, valves and piping systems.

Maintenance includes: safety valve, current limiting valve, alarm and other protective equipment; flow display instrument, recording device, compensation device and other flow auxiliary equipment; filter, exhaust device and other supporting equipment.

3. Starting and closing flowmeters and timing the flow of glass rotors must be strictly operated in accordance with the operation method of trial operation. For example, when opening the flowmeter, it is necessary to open the valve slowly, so that the valve can not be opened to the maximum at once, which results in the float in the flowmeter rushing up quickly and crashing the glass tube.

General glass rotor flowmeter in the formal operation of the need to pay attention to the above several, I hope to give you some help.

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