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Maintenance and common troubleshooting of electromagnetic flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of precise instrument. It needs regular maintenance to ensure the accuracy of measurement data. The general maintenance and troubleshooting of electromagnetic flowmeter are explained in detail below.

1) Frequently observe the damage and aging of sensor power cable and transmission cable (or conductor) to protect the rubber sheath outside the cable.

2) Scrub the electrode surface with a soft cloth regularly (usually for half a year) to remove dirt or sediment.

3) Clean up the debris in the straight pipe section upstream of the sensor.

General Faults of Electromagnetic Flowmeter and Their Removal:

1) The liquid does not flow and has output:

1. The signal transmission cable between the converter is connected with a break circuit; 2. The signal cable is connected with the electrode; 3. The surface of the electrode is contaminated or deposited with an insulating layer; 4. The grounding is not good or the circuit is broken.

Solutions: 1. Connect the cable; 2. Open the sensor and reconnect; 3. Scrub the electrode surface; 4. Connect the cable well.

2) No output of liquid flow:

1. Reverse connection between signal transmission cable and converter; 2. Unconnected power supply or poor contact; 3. Leakage of sensor and instrument pipeline, shell and end surface.

Solutions: 1. Inverter head; 2. Connect power supply, maintain good contact; 3. Repair sensor.

3) output instability:

1. Flow field is unstable; 2. The liquid through the sensor contains gas and large solid blocks; 3. Virtual connection of electrical connection; 4. Poor grounding; 5. Electrode leakage.

Solutions: 1. Modify pipelines or install false sensors; 2. Normal phenomena; 3. Check wiring, wiring; 4. Connect wiring; 5. Repair sensors.

4) Excessive error:

1. Excessive zero; 2. Not fully filled with liquid; 3. Excessive distortion of power supply; 4. Poor grounding.

Solutions: 1. Re-adjust the zero point; 2. Improve the pipeline conditions, the sensor is always filled with liquid; 3. Improve the power supply conditions, meet the normal working conditions; 4. Connect the wires well.

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