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Address:No. 4-4 East West Road, Jinhu County Industrial Concentration Zone, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province
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iangsu Zhongwei Measurement and Control Co., Ltd. is located in Huaian City, the hometown of Premier Zhou, a great man of one generation. It has beautiful scenery, pleasant climate and abundant products. Main Products: Main Products: Intelligent Vortex Street Flowmeter, Intelligent Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Liquid Turbine Flowmeter, Elliptical Gear Flowmeter, Universal Electronic Flowmeter, Magnetoelectricity Flowmeter, Swirl Flowmeter, Metal Tube Float Meter, Wilba Flowmeter, Delta Bar Flowmeter, Orifice Flowmeter, Balanced Flowmeter, Air Measuring Device, Heat Meter, Ultrasound Flow Meter Meters, magneto-sensitive electronic double-color liquid level gauge, boiler drum level gauge, mica double-color water level gauge, radar level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge, magnetic turning plate level gauge, level (level) switch, pressure differential pressure transmitter, thermometer, thermoresistor, thermocouple, display, recorder, calibration equipment, wire and cable, control valve, etc. Professional R&D and sales of industrial automation products, providing integrated technical services of industrial automation system, is a comprehensive industrial automation product R&D and technology enterprise in China, which is built and developed at the beginning of the industry scale.

The company's quality assurance system is complete. The company has a number of high-tech professionals engaged in the design, development, installation and commissioning of automation control research for a long time, which provides a satisfactory set of systems for various industries. It gathers strong professional team, accumulates abundant technology and management experience, covers the national marketing network and branches, and can provide users with technical services quickly and conveniently. In the era of Internet commerce, the company has set up the E-Commerce Department, relying on professional network technology and e-commerce trade means, to implement the integration of traditional economy and resources as well as rapid market expansion in a wide range. Since its establishment, the company has established a long-term and stable business and trade partnership with manufacturers in various regions by virtue of its good reputation and high-quality service.

In line with the business philosophy of "satisfying customer's needs and creating value for customers", we have provided a large number of complete sets of services for users in oil field, power, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper-making, cement and other industries for many years to improve more seamless services for our customers. You can purchase online, learn business knowledge independently, serve your customers better, and create more value for you for five consecutive years. Our products are sold overseas, and we have distribution agents in many regions to further increase domestic marketing and expand the brand of Zhongwei. From 2011, we will recruit agents and distribute in the whole country. We can also provide OEM services for you. The quality service is consistent with that of Jiangsu Zhongwei. We promise you the best quality, the best service and the best price!

The company adheres to the development policy of "science and technology, innovation, quality and service", continues to adhere to the purpose of "building an industrial aircraft carrier and contributing to the national economy". In the future development, it will continue to devote itself to brand building and constantly cultivate new economic growth points. Jiangsu Zhongwei will actively participate in market competition with high-quality products, preferential prices and excellent services, and wholeheartedly participate in friends from all walks of life. Friends, old and new customers cooperate in good faith, work hand in hand with Zhongwei measurement and control, create a better tomorrow.

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